The Power of Thankfulness


 the power of thankfulness


Everyone knows what gratitude is. But in this context we are not talking about the perfunctory, “thank you,” that is part of polite discourse among ‘civilized’ people, nor the feigned gratitude one witnesses (and often enough, uses oneself), which is used to manipulate others, but is just an empty shell, without substance and without power.

In the context of this work, gratitude is a feeling of genuine thankfulness for what you perceive.

Powerful, Hidden Secrets of Gratitude

Cultivating gratitude is the first step to changing your attitude, and is absolutely vital, so it needs to be given priority and prominence.


Gratitude is the door to a new reality—step through this door, and you enter a new world, a parallel universe, where everyone and everything is the same, yet totally different—everyone and everything is brand new. It is impossible to overstate the importance of gratitude—for transforming your reality (yourself), gratitude is by far your most powerful tool—you can transform yourself with gratitude as your only tool, but you cannot transform yourself with all the other tools if gratitude is absent.

Gratitude presupposes value in the object for which you are giving thanks, because you would not be grateful for something you considered bad, unwanted, or worthless. The stronger your gratitude, the greater the value you are attributing to the object of your gratitude.

Gratitude presupposes that you already have that for which you are giving thanks, because you would not give thanks for something you did not have.

As we have already established, asking correctly, is giving thanks for something you want, before you actually have it—that is, pretending you already have what you want.

But How Can You Actually Use This?

Now, this concept of pretending that you already have what you want is a stumbling block for many. Because they feel that it is dishonest to be grateful for something which ‘does not exist’. Well, this is a total misconception, because:

Firstly, it does exist. It exists in your imagination, hence on at least one frequency level. Remember that time does not exist on the imaginary plane—so there is no need for patience. In your imagination you can have whatever you want immediately, and because you already have it, you can be genuinely thankful for it.

In fact, very often, what one desires, is enjoyed much more in one’s imagination, than when that desire actually materializes. Often, actually getting that for which one has been so eagerly waiting, turns into an anticlimax because it is not as wonderful as it was in one’s imagination. This leaves one with an empty feeling—a feeling of being cheated out of the happiness one expected to accompany this achievement—a feeling of, “Is that it?!”

This happens because in your imagination, you can evoke very powerful emotions, and it is the intensity of these emotions which convinces your subconscious mind and the law of cause and effect that the images are real (which of course they are—on the imaginary plane—they are not real to your rational mind, but they are most certainly real to your subconscious mind).

Pretending is not being dishonest.

Pretending is living your choice on the imaginary plane—and it is your absolute right to imagine anything you like.

Your imagination is your creative canvas, where you, as the creator of your own reality, can express, experience and practice your creative abilities.

There Simply Is No Other Way

In fact, imagining your desires is an essential first step to creating the physical life you want, because if you cannot even imagine the things you want, you will never get them. That is because every physical thing starts with a thought, and exists first on the imaginary plane before becoming physical reality.

So, imagining (pretending) is absolutely essential for you to even exist, and because you live in your mind, you are imagining (pretending) all the time. The problem is that many people are imagining the same, old things over and over (pretending to live the same, old life over and over. Rehearsing the same, old life over and over), therefore, creating the same, old, physical reality over and over,

Secondly, giving thanks for something, which exist only as a mental image in your mind. Is no different than giving thanks for things which have already happened. Because past events also exist as no more than mental images (memories) in your mind,

Thirdly, to your subconscious mind, something physical is no more real than something which exists only in your imagination. Consider that whatever you perceive with your physical senses is converted into an image by your brain. This mental image is presented to your subconscious mind in exactly the same way as an image from your imagination.

The only thing that makes physical objects seem more real is your emotional reaction to them. If you were as grateful for an imaginary object, as you would be if you received the actual, physical object. The impact of this imaginary object on your physical reality, would be exactly the same as the physical object.

The Incredible, Irreplaceable Power of Your Imagination

This is why someone under hypnosis can smell concentrated ammonia and enjoy the smell of her favorite perfume. The image presented to her creative mind is that of her favorite perfume. Therefore the mental image has as much impact as an actual, physical image (object) would have. In fact, the mental image has an even greater impact than the actual physical object. Because in this instance, the reaction to the mental image completely overrides the reaction to the actual object. While not hypnotized, try pretending that concentrated ammonia is perfume. Then you will realize how incredibly powerful your imagination actually is.

By giving thanks for your goal which exist in your imagination, your gratitude grows stronger and stronger. This causes your expectations to grow stronger and stronger. Which in turn causes your resonance of this new choice to grow stronger and stronger. Until this mental image has attracted enough energy to become physical reality (reach critical mass).

Remember, your subconscious mind and the law of cause and effect accept as reality whatever you convince them is reality.

The way you tell your subconscious mind what is reality, is via the image of your focus, plus your emotional reaction to this image.

If you behave as if the image is real, your subconscious mind accepts that it is real. 

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