Willpower: The Path to Correct Focus

Willpower is the final piece of the puzzle—the magic key that opens all doors—the trigger that sets off the desired chain reaction to sustained happiness and control over physical reality.

  • You can change the resonant frequency of your mind by using your will.
  • All belief begins with the will to believe—you can will yourself to think and to believe what you want.
  • You can will yourself to act on your beliefs.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

You are born with a supremely powerful will, which needs no training. Whatever the task you wish to accomplish, you have more willpower than you’ll ever need. So, the only way you can ever fail, is if you use too little of the available willpower. “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Matthew 26:41).

Many people say, “I have no willpower,” or “I have very little willpower.” This suggests that they were born with a small amount of willpower and are stuck with this small amount for life. Well, if this were true we would have the situation where some people had an inherently large amount of willpower, while others had an inherently small amount of willpower. Such a dispensation would be illogical because for us to exercise freedom of choice, willpower is an absolute prerequisite. Therefore, if we had too little willpower we could not exercise freedom of choice. And if we could not exercise freedom of choice we would not have freedom of choice. And without freedom of choice we could not be held accountable for anything we did—we’d simply be helpless victims.

What’s the Real Story?

A little investigating also reveals that this cannot be true. If you had too little willpower, it would be too little for every desire. Yet, people who claim they don’t have enough willpower to go without cigarettes for one day can guts it out through an entire ultra marathon. So, they obviously do have enough willpower.

If one substitutes the word, ‘determination’ for ‘willpower’, the picture becomes much clearer. It is obvious that determination is not some static, fixed ability, but is alive and dynamic. Determination can be influenced, is context dependent, and can therefore vary from non-existent, to superhuman.

So then, what determines one’s level of determination? Motivation—motivation causes determination—the more motivated one is the more determined one becomes. Now, what causes motivation? Reward—if the reward for doing something were negative, you would be motivated to not do it. If the reward were zero, you would not be motivated to do it. If the reward were very positive, you would be highly motivated to do it.

So, the way to motivate yourself is to become aware of the rewards of your efforts.

When you know the great value of taking a specific course of action, you will be so motivated that nothing will stand in your way.

“The kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it” (Matthew 13:45).

What Do You Expect?

Here are a few examples, to illustrate how the expected reward and the correct mindset effects determination.

“It Probably Doesn’t Even Work!”

A bald man hears from a friend that he heard from a friend that a friend of this friend had rubbed castor oil into his scalp every night, left it on overnight, and after three months his hair grew back. Excited, he decides to try this too. After all, castor oil is very cheap, and the required effort is minimal, so what has he to lose?

He soon discovers that castor oil is difficult to wash off, leaves his shower floor and drain coated with grease, stains his pillows, bedding and clothes. So, he decides that it is too much hassle and it probably doesn’t work anyway, so he stops using it.

A week later, he bumps into a friend he has not seen for years. He almost does not recognize this man because the last time they had spoken his friend was as bald as a billiard ball. Now this friend has a head of thick, beautiful, shiny hair. This friend tells him that he applied castor oil to his scalp every night for twelve months, and all his hair grew back.

Now, that he has seen the results for himself. Do you think he is going to let the (now) minor inconveniences associated with castor oil stop him?

Instant Willpower?

You decide to quit smoking, and try as you might you never last longer than one day. Then you visit your doctor and he tells you that your lungs are so damaged that if you don’t quit smoking immediately you will end up on a machine for the rest of your life. Suddenly, without any training, your willpower is strong enough for you to quit forever.

Motivation Is All In the Mind

Years ago, when I first became interested in eastern philosophy, I learned about fasting and I decided to try it. I did a few three-day fasts and found them very difficult because food was just a few days away. So I kept counting the days, then the hours before I could eat again. Then, one day I decided to fast for four weeks. When I started this twenty eight day fast, to my surprise, I found it much easier than the short fasts. Because I knew it was going to be many days before I could eat again, counting the days seemed pointless.

I experienced the same when I avoided dairy products for six months of every year to avoid hay fever symptoms. I couldn’t wait for the time to pass so that I could eat my favorite dairy foods again. Then, one day I decided if dairy was bad for six months it must be bad for the entire year.

So I decided that I was quitting dairy products for the rest of my life Once again, I found to my surprise, that it was easy. I could see others eating my (erstwhile) favorite dairy foods, and I’d have no desire for those foods at all. I still had the same willpower I had always had—I had not trained it at all. The change was in the message to my mind. The message was absolutely clear and unambiguous, “Dairy products are no longer part of my life, from this moment, forever.” No doubts, time limits, or escape clauses of any kind.

All the Willpower You Could Ever Need

A drastic example, which clearly illustrates the unlimited power of the will, is when someone commits suicide for a cause. This phenomenon is nothing new—during the Second World War Japanese, kamikaze pilots gave their lives for their emperor. But the war in the Middle East and the Nine Eleven attack have really brought this phenomenon to world attention. Nowadays news bulletins often have reports of suicide bombers.

These people are usually portrayed as brain-washed, mindless robots who can do what they do because they have no feelings. But a few of them have been interviewed, and tell a different story. They admit to being terrified at the prospect of dying. In fact, a few have given in to their fear, and backed out at the last minute. But for those who go through with it—at the moment of final decision, the power of the will overcomes even the survival instinct and the fear of death.

So, obviously we have all the willpower we could ever need to achieve anything we decided was worth the effort.

How much of this power we use is our choice.

Like driving a car which can travel at four hundred kilometers per hour—you can drive at any speed you choose between zero kilometers per hour and four hundred kilometers per hour. If you travel slowly it is simply because you choose to use very little of the available power.

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