Physician Heal Thyself


I think you’ll agree with me that…

If you were unable to walk, it might be nice to be carried to where you wanted to go. But it would be infinitely better to be able to walk to wherever you wanted to go. Hence the title, Physician Heal Thyself


Well, here’s the deal:

Our health situation has been set up to convince us that we are unable to walk on our health path unaided, and need to be carried. Of course, the corporations which ‘carry’ us charge us a colossal, often crippling fee to do so. I have been walking my health path for more than fifty years unaided and free—both mentally and financially.



In this post I’ll share with you my health philosophy. How I approach health in general and what makes sense to me. See what you think.


Give a Man a Fish – He’ll Eat for a Day

physician heal thyself

Physician Heal Thyself

Teach a Man to Fish—He’ll Eat for a Lifetime

When it comes to alternative health, there are many websites offering advice on specific health problems. But in reality, they simply offer alternative remedies to allopathic remedies and drugs.

Where this is done in an honest and sincere spirit, I applaud this as a move in the right direction—i.e. a step away from artificial, toxic drugs. However, this is just one step away from allopathic drugs, which is not enough to call such health philosophies natural.

Such philosophies might possibly be called alternative—but certainly not natural. Why not? Because the alternatives they support in place of artificial, allopathic drugs are themselves artificial. Artificial vitamins, artificial nutrients, artificial compounds and artificial combinations found nowhere in nature.

Now, it is simple logic that something not found in nature cannot honestly be termed natural, and neither can it form part of a natural lifestyle.

If you think this is merely being pedantic, please read on.

The Natural Nutrients Hoax

Because of their artificial nature, many of these chemicals, dishonestly called by the names of the natural nutrients–e.g. ascorbic acid is called vitamin C—are foreign to the body, and in some cases, toxic to the body. For example, one often hears of the dangers of taking an overdose of the oil soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin D. I have even read of an overdose of vitamin D causing death.

But, there is in fact no legitimate record of an overdose of these vitamins ever causing any health problems, let alone fatalities. Now, maybe that all sounds a little confusing. How could I have read of a fatal overdose, and then say there is no legitimate record of an overdose involving these vitamins, let along fatalities?

Yes, this is all very confusing, and it is not confusing by accident. This confusion has been deliberately created. Why? Because confused people are easily mislead. If a car manufacturer could confuse people to the point where they think there is no difference between a Ford and a Rolls Royce, he could sell them a Ford for the same price as a Rolls Royce.

In this specific instance, the deliberately created confusion, or deliberately created deception, is that artificial chemicals mixed together in an industrial, chemical plant, and labeled and advertised as vitamins, are in fact vitamins. They are not.

Some Light In the Darkness

So, to clear up the confusion mentioned above: The chemicals which caused health problems due to overdose, were not vitamins at all. Neither were they “chemical forms” of these vitamins. At best they might be termed chemical analogues. That is, they have a similar chemical structure—but even that is deceiving.

Either something is vitamin C, or it is not—and if it is not—the name vitamin C should not be attached to it at all.

It is not artificial vitamin C and neither is it synthetic vitamin C.

Calling a Ford an artificial Rolls Royce, or a synthetic Rolls Royce does not, and cannot make it any form of a Rolls Royce. Such dishonest marketing would most certainly lead to a law suit for false advertising and misrepresentation. But when it comes to defending our God given right to know exactly what we are consuming, who is left to fight for us? Who today will sue to protect us and to expose the truth?

These are lies. Propaganda put out by the ‘health’ industry to con people into believing they are buying vitamin C, when in fact they are buying ascorbic acid. And if someone tells them that, they have the fall back defense, “yes, but it is synthetic vitamin C”.

It is not vitamin C, and in nature there is no nutrient called synthetic vitamin C. These are marketing tricks to con the gullible. Let’s say you need vitamin C, and you consume some of these tablets. Have you consumed vitamin C? No—regardless of all the language gymnastics, you have not consumed vitamin C.

If Your Son Asks for Bread, Will You Give Him a Stone? 

How can it be honest or logical to call a plastic rose, a rose, or even a synthetic rose? It is a piece of plastic shaped like a rose. It is no more a synthetic rose than a photograph of a rose, or a painting of a rose is a synthetic rose.

Even if scientists could create a rose in a laboratory, it could still not be called a rose unless it could do everything a rose can do, namely, reproduce, produce aroma, etc. In other words, act and behave like a complex, living organism.

In precisely the same way vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and other nutritional co-factors are part of a living process.

They are part of a life cycle, and they contain life in their natural state.

Science cannot even tell us what life is, let alone create it.

A Rose By Any Other Name

In many discussions on this subject, I have encountered a common argument. Namely, the ‘synthetic form’ of the vitamin is identical to the natural form, therefore only a fool would argue that it is not, to all intents and purposes, identical:

  • Something which is created via a natural process is called natural. Artificial things are not created via a natural process, therefore, they can never be called, natural. If such artificial things are called natural, that would be a lie. One is natural; the other artificial. So how are they exactly the same?
  • Unlike the artificial chemicals, usually denoted, “Laboratory grade—99.95% pure”, natural nutrients never occur in an isolated state. Instead, they are always part of a complex organism consisting of many nutrients, many of which have yet to be discovered by science.
  • There are very many biological processes within our bodies which we do not yet understand. Now, if we don’t understand these processes, how can we understand the effects various nutrients have on these processes? Especially when many of these nutrients have not even been identified, let alone studied?
  • The natural nutrients originate from a living process, which means they are carry a part of this living process within them. Or they had that mysterious force called, “life” flowing in them at some stage. The artificial chemicals never at any stage of their production contained this life force,
  • If these chemical compounds are exactly the same as the natural vitamin, why are they called something different?
  • Nature designed our bodies to subsist on these natural nutrients. Not on the artificial compounds, which did not even exist until a few years ago.

These truths are so patently obvious that it is a sad indictment that we even need to have this discussion.

So, What’s Wrong With Supplements?

Over the years, many people have challenged me on this subject. Arguing that due to the depleted soil, artificial fertilizers, etc. the foods we eat are not of the same quality they were when nature produced them on its own. Therefore, we need to take supplements to make up for the nutrient deficiencies modern food production has caused. I wholeheartedly agree.

Where I disagree is the way this is done. To replace the missing natural, you consume the artificial. To combat the harm caused by the artificial process, you consume stuff made by the artificial process.

This is like the common processes of stripping all the natural nutrients from breakfast cereals. Adding artificial vitamins, and then advertising it as a super food.  “Our breakfast cereal is full of the sunshine vitamin!”

Every opportunity to make a profit is exploited to the hilt, and the supplement industry is no exception.

Misinformation, disinformation, rigged research, lies and fraud being the order of the day.

To consider specific, artificial supplements and their place, if any, in a natural health regimen, would make this article far too long. So, this is covered in my books, Natural Health Rejuvenation and Herpes—Gone for Good, and will also be discussed in depth in future articles.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Supplement Industry

Unfortunately, the whole supplement paradigm is a trap—just another multi-billion dollar scam:

People are encouraged to take supplements they don’t need—as insurance—“just in case.”

  • Most people who jump onto the supplement bandwagon, simply can’t help themselves. They become hooked, and keep adding another supplement or two or three. I know some people who have a few dozen jars and boxes on display of tablets and capsules they take every day. And, for all the thousands they spend on supplements, they are far from being optimally healthy,
  • Most people who jump onto the supplement bandwagon are, “Just in case,” people, who continue taking prescription drugs too—“Just in case.” So, they don’t exchange drugs for supplements—they do both. A very expensive hobby indeed,
  • Even those who reduce their medical expenditure because they are using supplements, still follow the completely unnatural, completely illogical allopathic model, namely, treating symptoms. Ask these people why they are taking each specific supplement, and they will tell you, “I take this one to lower my blood pressure, that one to improve the quality of my hair, that one to lower my cholesterol, and this one because I get too many colds, etc.”

These people have simply exchanged prescription drugs for supplements.

But they have not exchanged their unnatural approach to health for a natural approach.

So, Are All Artificially Produced Chemicals Taboo?

Does this mean that artificially produced chemicals have no place in a healthy lifestyle? Well, no, that is not at all what I am driving at, but if we were to get into that subject, we would be going off the point and playing right into the hands of those who are the authors of the confusion around this subject.

So, in the first place, I don’t want to play their game. In the second place, such a discussion would make this article very long indeed. So, I prefer to stay on topic, and dedicate a future discussion specifically to the place such substances should, or should not have in a healthy lifestyle.

Medical Approach Versus Natural Approach

Let’s imagine that it was long, long ago, and you lived on a farm without running water. So, every morning you had to walk to the well, fill a bucket with water and carry this to the farmhouse. To have enough water for drinking, cooking, washing, etc., you would need 100 liters daily.

Let’s say your bucket could hold 20 liters if filled to the brim, but to prevent spillage you fill it to the 15 liter mark. Which means you would have to make seven trips to the well and back every morning.

Unfortunately, the bottom of the bucket is full of holes. So, so much water leaks out by the time you get to the farmhouse, that you have to make fourteen trips instead of seven.

You give the matter some thought, and decide to walk much faster so that the water will have less time to leak out. This improves matters to the point where you need make only twelve trips instead of fourteen. But, walking so fast with a heavy load leaves you absolutely exhausted.

So, you give the matter some more thought, and consider that if you were to walk even faster, you might possibly be able to reduce the number of trips to eleven. But, you realize you would never be able handle such a torturous pace.

Some further thought, brings the decision to fill the bucket right to the brim—an extra five liters per trip. Well, that certainly helps. Now you can manage with just eleven trips. Unfortunately, this extra load at this fast pace leaves you even more exhausted than before. Plus your shoes, socks and pants are soaking wet from the water that splashes out of the bucket.


You could simply fix the leaks in the bucket.

A Not So Subtle Difference

The above parable encapsulates the difference between the medical approach—which addresses symptoms but completely ignores the cause of the symptoms—and the natural approach, which removes the cause of the symptoms, thereby automatically removing the symptoms permanently.

Unfortunately, most supplement takers, without even realizing it, automatically continue to follow the approach they have been conditioned to accept since birth. Namely, the medical approach. They buy two, three or more supplements to address each symptom they are experiencing.

That is not the way to treat your body.

Good health is not the mere lack of symptoms.

Therefore, addressing symptoms can never be the path to good health, and instead, almost always is the path to destroying health.

For the sake of this discussion, and the sake of brevity, let me briefly state my philosophy around supplements:

  • If I am convinced that I am missing a specific nutrient in my diet—if at all possible, I get it from a natural source, not an artificial source,
  • I move as close to nature as I can. That means simply, if I can find a naturally occurring food containing what I need, I’ll use that rather than buying a bottle of convenient, synthetic substitutes,
  • If feasible, I grow my own vegetables and fruits. Even a tiny garden can make a big difference to the quality of one’s nutrition,
  • One quick easy way to supplement one’s diet with many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and a host of other nutrients is to sprout one’s own seeds. Then you can consume fresh, raw food which is still alive. That is as natural as one can get,
  • I use food to nourish my body as a whole unit, not as specific treatment for specific symptoms.

In Conclusion

In summary, let me say this:

  • The allopathic model, which treats symptoms while ignoring the causes of those symptoms, is criminal. It is not foolish or shortsighted as many people claim—it is criminal. Because the people perpetrating it are not fools—they know full well what they are doing and what harm they are causing,
  • To use artificial chemicals in place of allopathic drugs to treat symptoms is equally unnatural and illogical,
  • The only logical way, the natural way, is to treat your body like it so obviously is, namely, one unit, not a collection of random, isolated symptoms,
  • The only logical principle for optimal health is, “First, do no harm”. That means, instead of adding even more unnatural, toxic chemicals to your already overloaded body, clear out all these toxins from your body. Then see if after that any symptoms still exist.

Once your colon, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and other organs are completely clean and functioning at their optimal capacity, you could very well find that an entire shopping list of symptoms have simply vanished.

And these symptoms should never return, as long as you don’t start polluting your body with toxic, unnatural rubbish posing as food again.

Something To Think About

We have only just touched on this critically important subject, and shall certainly be visiting it again. But I don’t want to overwhelm those for whom this way of thinking is completely new, and therefore completely strange. In my book, Natural Health Rejuvenation, this topic and many, many others are covered in great detail. Also included are many, simple tools for achieving good health and rejuvenation in a logical, natural way.

I hope I have given you something to think about. Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime, can be paraphrased: Give a man a health program, and he’ll be healthy for as long as he follows that program; teach a man to think for himself, and he’ll be able to set up his own health program for the rest of his life. Or, in other words: Good health requires more than a change of lifestyle. Good health requires a change of paradigm. A completely new way of thinking.

Thank you allowing me to share this with you. I hope you found it interesting and informative and most importantly, thought-provoking.


With fond regards—till the next time.


John Richard

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