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Perfect Sex is Your Birthright

Perfect Sex is Part of an Intuitive, Natural-health Life Style

Anyone can quickly learn to last 6 hours or longer

Every encounter should be mind blowing—otherwise, why bother?

Perfect sex is a moving meditation—an exquisite, waking dream 

Has This Ever Happened to You?

Sexual problems come in various forms and are described by various names: 

But whatever one calls these problems there are many unpleasant things they have in common: 

  • Acute embarrassment, unhappiness, loss of confidence and loss of self-esteem. A MAN NO LONGER FEELS LIKE A REAL MAN,
  • Anger and frustration over LOST OPPORTUNITIES YOU CAN NEVER GET BACK, leaving an “If only…” feeling, even many, many years later,
  • Great fear of HUMILIATION if one’s sexual inadequacies are exposed,
  • Real, serious and maybe even PERMANENT DAMAGE TO RELATIONSHIPS,
  • Very many people have suffered career damage due to sexual problems.

Real People, Real Humiliation

I know of very many real life stories where sexual inadequacy caused ridicule, humiliation and did permanent damage to reputations and careers.

One man, within months of starting his dream job, started dating his new boss, but found her so intimidating that he simply could not maintain an erection. His boss thought that he found her too unattractive to be aroused by her, and was furious. His boss’s scorn and his humiliation made their working relationship a nightmare. Unable to face the situation, he went to his office after hours, cleared out his desk, and left his job, never to return.

Another young man dated a young lady who had recently joined the company. On their very first sexual encounter, he lasted less than one minute. She was absolutely furious—“Is that it—what about me?” She demanded. Humiliated, he got dressed and left as quickly as he could. Unfortunately for him, when he got to work the next day, and went to the staff canteen to join his colleagues for his regular morning coffee, he was greeted with mocking laughter. When he looked on the canteen notice board, he saw a huge photo of himself, with the caption, “Wanted. For speeding!” This young lady (?) was very angry, and had told all their colleagues of the incident. For many years after that, he was ridiculed over the incident, which had earned him the nickname, “Speedy.”

Now, while such situations often seem amusing to those not involved, they are extremely embarrassing for the victims, and, in many cases cause serious damage to careers or relationships.

Don’t Even Think of Using Drugs Until You’ve Read This

Rather than address the real reason for their inadequacies, many people choose to use drugs to hide their problem. This means that they never address their problem, and therefore never solve it—so, sooner or later, it is going to come back to haunt them.

You can never achieve perfect sex by using drugs or any other kind of artificial method—why? Because perfect sex is natural and instinctive—perfect sex is part of your survival instinct which transcends the mere physical body. Drugs cannot create intimacy or any of the other higher, natural, human emotions which are a critical part of perfect sex. So, rather than creating perfect sex, drugs will ensure that you never achieve perfect sex

Using drugs destroys your self-esteem, because you will always know that without artificial help, you are not able to do what a man should be able to do naturally.

Apart from destroying your self-esteem, and robbing you of the most indescribably exquisite experience a human being can ever have, you are paying a lot of money to have your health destroyed.

Why? Because while the manufacturers acknowledge that the drug does absolutely nothing to cure the cause of your problem, they also acknowledge that it CAUSES 110 NEW HEALTH PROBLEMS. Including CONVULSIONS, DEAFNESS, BLINDNESS and SEXUAL PROBLEMS! UNBELIEVABLE! YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

Did you know that such prescription drugs are the #3 major killer? 

Why abuse your body like this? YOU HAVE ONLY ONE BODY, and WHEN YOUR HEALTH IS GONE, YOU ARE DONE. 

The True Cost of Sexual Inadequacy

I could quote you what the average American spends on trying to deal with sexual problems. But, what would that mean to you? You are not  the average American. You are you—and reducing your problem to some kind of average does absolutely nothing to help you.

The most such information might do is give you some tiny level of comfort that you are not alone with this humiliating, life-sucking problem. But in reality, every time you are unable to perform, you are alone, utterly and  completely alone.

When one discovers for example, that the Department of Defense with a staff of supposedly, fit, virile, he-men spends $84 million on Viagra and similar drugs per year—and if counseling were included, this would probably be way in excess of $200 million—then one starts to appreciate the real extent of this problem.

But, apart from the financial cost, there are other, very frightening implications. If this is the mental and physical condition of the best of the best in America, then something is very, very wrong in America. Can you guess what it is?

That’s Not All!

Furthermore, as you are aware, your sex drive is your drive to procreate and ensure the survival of your species—it is your survival instinct. And, as you know, your survival instinct is what protects you twenty four hours a day, every day of your life. It is by far your most powerful instinct, and is therefore automatically the most highly protected of all your instincts.

Therefore, whatever has destroyed your very will to survive, would have destroyed all your other weaker instincts too, because they are less important than survival—because, if you don’t survive, what possible purpose could they serve?

So, while your sexual problems might be humiliating, they are also an  extremely accurate barometer of your physical and psychological health—an extremely accurate early warning system that you need to take drastic action to fix the problem.

And, taking destructive drugs to temporarily mask the problem while adding many new problems is not doing anything to solve your problem. It is in fact a poison posing as a remedy. Instinct can never be obtained from a bottle, a tablet or an injection. And we are talking about your survival instinct, nothing less.

You Already Have Everything You Need for Perfect Sex

Unfortunately, due to faulty information to which we are constantly exposed, our ideas, attitudes, expectations, and therefore our actions regarding sex are completely distorted, causing our sexual experiences to be completely distorted.

In modern Western culture, everything is dissected, analyzed, measured, explained, trivialized, cheapened and commercialized. Everything, no matter how precious or sacred, always becomes about making money—and all that remains of physical life’s most wonderful experience is an empty shell.

Nature has provided you with all the physical, mental and psychological abilities you need to have an incredibly exquisite experience each and every time you make love.

Ancient cultures accepted these natural abilities without question, and used them as nature intended them to be used. Which is why in many ancient cultures sexual intercourse was celebrated as an art form, and achieved an almost religious status. 

Are You Ready For a Brand New Start?

Can you even imagine approaching every intimate situation with the absolute confidence that both you and your partner are going to HAVE AN INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE EVERY, SINGLE TIME?


Visualize THE INCREDIBLE INTIMACY THAT YOU AND YOUR PARTNER ENJOY when hour, after hour you are as physically close as two people can possibly get

Think of the satisfaction and confidence of being able to do all this WITHOUT ANY KIND OF ARTIFICIAL ASSISTANCE

THE CONFIDENCE, HAPPINESS AND INCREDIBLE PLEASURE that comes from such a situation has to be experienced because it CANNOT BE DESCRIBED.

Nevertheless—Some Have Tried to Describe It

One man said: “It is like a moving meditation, where time stands still and nothing else exists, just the two of us, but it is as if we are the same person—I cannot tell where I end and she starts. And then, when it is over, we awake and become aware of the rest of the world around us.”

Another man said: “IT IS LIKE GOING TO HEAVEN WITHOUT HAVING TO DIE FIRST—once you’ve been, you cannot wait for your next visit.”

I can only agree with these descriptions—yet, I will add that the actual experience far transcends any words, and really is quite indescribable.

What is really wonderful about this technique is that both parties feel this intense pleasure, intimacy and happiness. THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU RECEIVE.

If He Can—You Most Certainly Can Too

Of the many people who have discussed sexual problems with me over the years, one stands out above all the others. Not because his problems were so much worse. But because he was a real character, quite unlike anyone I had ever met before.

He openly discussed the most intimate details of his personal life with anybody who was prepared to listen. Even when these details made him look like a complete fool. One day he phoned me, and asked if we could meet to discuss a problem he was having. I arranged to meet him at the reception desk of the building where he worked.

When I entered the reception area, there were a number of his colleagues, plus a few visitors, who were complete strangers to him. He was busy, in a loud voice, telling his colleagues that he had not had sex with his wife in seven years. Because his wife did not enjoy having sex with him. Everybody was visibly uncomfortable and embarrassed—but not he.

Why Did His Wife Not Want Sex With Him?

Later, when the two of us were alone. He asked me why I thought he wife did not want to have sex with him. I said, “There could be many reasons. Have you ever discussed it with her, and asked her what she enjoys?” He said, “No.”

I asked him, “Well, when you want to have sex with your wife—how do you get her in the mood?” “I grab her between her legs”—(and yes, he  was being serious). Rather dumbfounded at this completely unexpected reply, and not sure how to respond, I asked, “How long do your love-making sessions last?” “About five minutes, sometimes a little longer,” he answered.

The rest of his answers, while amusing, and perhaps naive and even a little crude, clearly illustrated the underlying problem. I told him what I thought he should try next time he wanted to make love to his wife. He promised to follow my instructions to the letter.

So, How Did He Do?

When we met again a few days later, I asked if he’d had an opportunity to put into practice what I had told him. He said, “Yes, it worked like a charm!” I asked how long his love making session had lasted this time. He looked a little disappointed, and said, “I wanted to keep going, but I could only manage an hour and five minutes.”

I asked how he knew the exact time. “I looked at the clock,” he replied. “Do you remember that was one of the things I told you not to do? Anyway, you did great. You convinced your wife to make love for the first time in seven years, and instead of just five minutes, you lasted sixty five minutes. That’s a huge improvement. Next time, don’t watch the clock, and you will do even better, plus you will enjoy it much, much more.”

A Brave, New World

• ENHANCE YOUR MOST INTIMATE MOMENTS beyond anything you have ever dared dream

• Visualize each session lasting for hours because EVERY SECOND IS SO INCREDIBLE THAT YOU DON’T EVER WANT TO STOP

• Think about never having to depend on embarrassing, health-destroying drugs again

You don’t have to imagine it—start living it today. You are just a few simple steps away enjoying perfect sex for the rest of your life.

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