I have not personally tried it, so what follows is simply my opinion based on a gut feel only. Kangen products are available only through distributors who make money from sales and also from those they recruit. I am immediately suspicious of all such pyramid schemes, which to me, feel like scams. If the producer wants to help people to improve their health, why not simply sell them the machine for a reasonable price? Instead, the buyer has to pay for the machine, pay the supplier, and pay those recruited by the supplier.

Now, I could try it before making a judgment, but that would require me to give a large amount of money to (those I believe to be) scammers. In other word, allow myself to be scammed, simply so that I can say, “You see—my suspicions were right all along—it is a scam!” Now, that would be foolishness of the highest degree. So, I’ll simply say, “I am doing just fine without it, and until I see convincing and compelling evidence of its benefits, which can be enjoyed for an easily affordable cost, I’ll feel no reason to try it.”

If I need to alkalize my system, I take a few teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda, which costs next to nothing—so, why on earth would I need alkalized water from a machine which costs me a small fortune (around $4,000)?

If it appears there is enough interest among the members of our community, and if I am able to test it free of charge, I shall investigate it thoroughly.  But, until such time, I’d rather spend my valuable time, money and energy on things I consider genuine and worthwhile.

I think colloidal silver has many health benefits and could be a huge boost to our medical, health system if it were ever allowed in. I’ve used silver and other colloidal metals for various reasons, and in many different experiments over the past few decades. As with any such product, there are hundreds of liars, shills and rip off artists who charge an absolute fortune for colloids, or colloidal generators. My book, Herpes—Gone for Good! includes instructions how to make a colloidal generator for a few dollars. Such a unit can supply you with a limitless supply of colloidal silver, colloidal zinc, colloidal copper and other colloidal metals, for the rest of your life, for a fraction of a cent per teaspoonful.

I currently do not have enough experience with structured water to speak with any authority on the subject. I am busy with extensive experimentation with structured water and the design of structured water devices, because I do believe that the benefits of structured water are genuine.

Why do I have so much faith in something of which I have had so little personal experience? Because the processes, by which water is said to become structured, are natural processes, therefore, in nature, these processes occur all the time, every second of every day. In nature, water flows freely, absorbing oxygen from the air, forming countless vortices and infinitely complex patterns as it flows over rocks of various types, sizes, shapes and contours, some of these varying from non magnetic, to slightly magnetic to strongly magnetic. And all the while being exposed to sunlight, even at night when this is reflected from the moon.

Instead of this natural process, our drinking water comes from stagnant dams infested with mosquito larvae, feces, bacteria, algae and various other toxins, which are destroyed, usually be adding chlorine, or some other method of disinfection. When this, now thoroughly dead, deoxygenated liquid is delivered to our households, it flows through pipes where it is completely sealed off from sunlight, oxygen, natural magnetism, vortex formation, rocks, etc. The former liquid is water in its natural state, the latter is water in its unnatural state. Even Edgar Cayce said, “For, as we find, as is seen, water in motion over stone or those various forces in the natural forces, purifies itself in twenty feet of space.”

In his book, Messages from Water, Dr Masaru Emoto relates the results of many experiments he conducted to prove that water has memory, and reacts to human thoughts, words, music, etc. Of course, just as with electro-medicine, natural medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbalism, colloidal silver, energy healing. In short, anything that is not prescribed by our current, ruling, ‘health’ industry, there are those who claim to have debunked Dr Masaru Emoto’s findings. I don’t find this surprising because anything which threatens the profits of the ‘health’ industry is soon ridiculed and labeled as quackery.

It is up to you to decide who to believe. For me, the choice is an extremely simple one, in fact, an almost automatic one. The ‘health’ industry has told so many lies over so many decades, that I automatically discount anything they have to say, and simply do my own research and experiments, and from there gain knowledge instead of belief. I have not conducted any of Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiments, and am therefore not qualified to defend them or to debunk them. I merely mention his work as one of the influences in my thinking about the importance of water quality in natural health. When my experiments are completed, I’ll update this answer with the knowledge I have gained.

So, for me, the bottom line is, water provided by nature, is treated very, very differently by nature than water provided by man. That is an indisputable fact. Water flowing freely in nature has a much higher oxygen content than the drinking water piped into our homes. That is also an indisputable fact.

What many people dispute is whether water does have memory, and whether water can in fact be structured. On the side of the skeptics, we have those who arrogantly imagine that they know all there is to know about water. What exactly is it that they know? They know what they have been taught in their physics courses. And according to them, any phenomena which do not obey those rules they were taught, or cannot be explained away by those rules, are lies, plain and simple.

Regardless of what you observe or experience, if it does not fit in with their rules, you must be mistaken, lying, stupid, or gullible. According to them, what you have experienced did not happen, because it cannot happen. It has never happened to them, therefore, it has never happened to anyone else either. Of course, the fact that they refuse to even try any of these experiments could be the real reason why they have never experienced any of these phenomena. But no matter how well one argues, they refuse to ‘lower’ themselves to try any such experiment because they already “know that it is a hoax”—so, why should they waste their time?

Why do I consider these skeptics arrogant and foolish? Because they use science as a shield and as a club. Hiding behind a façade of perfect and complete knowledge, they shield themselves from any new information. Then, using ‘science’ as a club, they bash anyone who, unlike them, is open-minded enough to investigate the possibility that there is more to the universe than we know, or will ever know, ridiculing such people as gullible, uneducated and of low intelligence. And that is another indisputable fact—there is still an infinite amount of discoveries to make. Only an absolute fool would argue that scientists already know everything about our physical world. So, how can a group of people elevate themselves to a position of judges over what is and what is not possible regarding water?

I am open-minded about this topic. I am prepared to investigate it thoroughly, and reach my own conclusions before making a final decision. If after my research, I conclude that it is all a hoax, a money making scam. Then I’ll be able to explain exactly why I say it is a scam. On the other hand, if I find it is true and has valuable health benefits for humans, animals and plants. Then I’ll be in a position to explain what those health benefits are, how to achieve them. And how to construct one’s own water structuring devices for a few dollars. Thus avoid being ripped off. Because, without a doubt, there will always be con artists in every field.

This is why I like putting my knowledge and experience in eBooks. As I gain new insights, experiences and knowledge from my constantly ongoing experiments into human health and rejuvenation, I can constantly update my eBooks, so that they are always as up to date with my knowledge as I am.  

Hair loss is an extremely complex subject, which is treated by the ‘health’ industry as a simple, one dimensional problem. Which is why the myriad of treatments on the market fail spectacularly to provide any real solutions. Even though they cost a fortune. We are told that hair loss is caused by poor scalp circulation, elevated DHT levels, etc. Then simplistic treatments are prescribed to improve topical circulation, block DHT production, etc. But nothing, absolutely nothing is done to address the cause of the problem.

I have always believed hair loss to be an indication that something is not right with one’s health. Personal research and experimentation have borne this out. Now, most people don’t like to hear things like this—they want a simple solution. They want something they can rub on their scalps. Or a pill to swallow, and voila, within a few weeks their hair starts to grow back again. That would be wonderful, but that is almost certainly never, ever going to be a reality. So, rather than live in a dream world. Why not consider some cold, hard facts, and the conclusions that can be drawn from them?

Feel free to read further. It will cost you nothing other than a few minutes of your time. When you’ve finished—if you don’t like what you’ve read—simply go back to what you have been doing.

It is well established that analysis of the composition of one’s hair gives an accurate indication of the state of health of many of the body’s functions. And hence, the organs responsible for those functions. Many skeptics ridicule this idea. But they simply expose their own desperate ignorance because it is so obviously and logically true. It’s been known for hundreds of years that examining a tree trunk can reveal many things with great accuracy. Age, levels of rainfall for each year of its life, etc.

And, exactly as a tree grows in soil, drawing its nutrients and life from the soil. So our hair grows in our skin, and draws its nutrients and life from our skin. In fact, our hair is even more dependent on our skin than a tree is on the soil. Because a tree has leaves which can convert sunlight to food, whereas our hair does not have this capacity. Therefore, if our hair does not reflect the health of our scalp and of the blood to its follicles, what does it reflect?

Of course, a human being is much more complex than a tree in soil. Therefore, this relationship between hair health and systemic health is also more complex, much, much more complex. And all this is made even more complex and more confusing when we encounter exceptions to the rule. People whose health is obviously poor, yet they have a full head of healthy, shiny hair. A few maintaining this full head of healthy hair into their eighties and nineties without a trace of gray.

So, obviously genetics plays a strong role in this issue. And those of us who are not blessed with healthy hair from the cradle to the grave. Have to actively do things to maintain and promote healthy hair growth. Of course, this seems very unfair, and perhaps it is. But it is what it is. The good news is that this ‘curse’ can have many unexpected benefits.

Because there are so many things that can cause gray hair, hair loss, poor hair condition, etc. Addressing all the possible causes results in a huge improvement in the health and appearance of one’s entire body. Not just one’s hair. Unlike allopathic drugs which treat the symptoms and ignore the cause. And therefore cause many health problems. Following the natural approach, and removing the cause, has many, many health benefits. Making the original problem, hair loss, a blessing in disguise.

This is why the current hair loss remedies supplied by the ‘health’ industry work so poorly, if at all. They are designed to address the symptoms, not the causes. For example, if your hair loss is due to an imbalance between your kidneys function and your liver function. How is dilating the blood vessels in your scalp with minoxidil addressing this problem? How is blocking DHT addressing this problem? And, the drugs you take to block DHT blocks the production of other essential bodily chemicals and hormones too. That is why all these so called formulas cause many negative health problems, euphemistically called, “side effects.”

That is something else which people would prefer not to hear, but is patently obvious. If you do nothing to address the cause, the symptoms will keep reappearing. So, even if you are one of the lucky few who are getting at least some results from drugs. You should get far better, longer lasting results if you removed the cause of the problem too.

With all the money the drugs companies have spent on research over so many years. Why have they not yet found the cure for baldness? Because they are not looking for a cure. Because, if they were to present a cure, they would lose billions in profits. “A patient cured is a patient lost” (Dr Robert Beck). If the cause of your hair loss is never addressed, they can continue to sell you patented drugs to address the symptoms every month of every year for the rest of your life. So, what incentive does a profit maximizing industry have to find a cure? None whatsoever!

Doesn’t it amaze you how they can tell you of hundreds of definite and probable causes for cancer. But not one single, definite cure? Does this sound like an organization that has spent countless billions on finding cures? If they have in fact spent untold billions over the past almost two hundred years looking for a cure. Then they have proven that they are absolutely useless at it. They should therefore stop wasting our money, and hand the job over to a more competent organization.

So, what does finding a cure for cancer have to do with finding a cure for hair loss? Same ‘health’ industry, same opportunity to make billions in profit if they treat the symptoms rather than the cause. It is the exact same game with a different name.

Many years ago, when I was a gullible, young lad. I looked forward to the many, wonderful discoveries the ‘health’ industry was, “just a few years away,” from making. But it did not take me long to wake up and see what game they were playing. That was when I realized that if I wanted cures, I’d have to do my own research and experimentation. Since that time, I have relied on myself, and totally ignored the ‘health’ industry.

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