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Being Healthy is Extremely Simple

Why Should You Pay for Health?

Good Health is Your Birthright

I Get Off to a Very Bad Start

Born very weak and sickly, three times during my early childhood I was at death’s door, but each time managed to pull through. Because of my poor health I could not keep up with the other little boys in my neighborhood, and as a result, suffered mockery and rejection.

Those painful experiences made me determined to prove I could be as good as the others. So, I became obsessed with everything to do with health and human abilities. While the other boys were playing, I was reading, experimenting and training.

The Ugly Duckling Turns Into a Swan

A few years later, shortly before our inter-schools athletics competition, one of our school’s top sprinters, found that while just fooling around, he was unable to catch me. So, even though the sprint team had already been selected, he begged the athletics coach to let me try out. The coach agreed that if I could beat the team’s third fastest sprinter, I could take his place. Instead, I easily beat the entire sprint team.

To my surprise, I discovered that I was outstanding in many different athletic events. It felt strange to be sought after for the very same abilities I had completely lacked just a few years earlier. I had overcome all my health problems, and instead of catching up with my peers, I had far surpassed them.

“You Should Not Be So Healthy!”

Today, there’s no trace of my childhood frailty. My peers become irritated when they ask how I am, and I say, “I’m feeling old today—I feel like I’m thirty.” The usual response is, “Thirty?! How old do you usually feel?” “About sixteen”. This answer does not go down well with this group, each of whom has had at least a few surgical procedures, ranging from serious to very serious. Has been on multiple courses of chronic medication for decades. Has stiff joints. Looks both bloated and wasted at the same time, etc. All the things that come with aging—or so they believe.

These people think there must be something wrong with me, because they have aged ‘normally’, whereas I’ve not. They think it abnormal for someone to require no medical procedures, have no chronic ailments, use no medical drugs, have no aches and pains—and yet look and feel younger than they do. They say, “You are very lucky that you’ve not aged like everyone else.” However, when I compare how they treat their bodies to how I treat mine, I know that luck had nothing to do with it.

My Personal ‘Aging’ Experiment

One of the most interesting experiments I performed over the years, I call, “My personal, ‘aging’ experiment”. This experiment provided answers to many questions and  demonstrated dramatically that WHAT IS CALLED, “AGING”, IS USUALLY ABUSE. If these people were to treat their bodies correctly they would rapidly recover from their ‘age-related’ ailments—as my father experienced first hand. 

I Need to Know

My fascination with health has led to more than fifty years of research and discovery.

Because many people have asked me about specific health problems, I’ve done a huge amount of research and experimentation into each specific problem—gaining valuable experience with a wide variety of health problems.

Just Good Enough Has Never Been Enough

Never satisfied with the conventional idea of health, I wanted to learn everything about the body. I experimented with methods for cleaning the organs—e.g. removing kidney, liver and gallbladder stones without an operation, and many such things.

I didn’t care where information came from—ancient India, China, Egypt—only one thing mattered—does it work? If it works, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, it is valuable. If it doesn’t work, no matter how ‘scientific’ it sounds, it is worthless.

I Become My Own Guinea Pig

I could not ask someone else to test anything for me—so I became my own guinea pig. As unpleasant and occasionally, dangerous, as that was, it gave me absolutely invaluable, firsthand knowledge—something no medical researcher can claim.

If ancient writings said that 28 days without food was beneficial, and medical science said it was a death sentence, the only way to see who was telling the truth was to do it. The fact that you are reading this many years later, shows clearly who was telling the truth.

Intuitive Natural Health – Who Told You That?

I ‘received’ (more on that shortly) certain convictions about many things, including health. One of these convictions was that if something came into the body without an operation, it could be removed without an operation. For example, kidney stones, gallstones, liver stones, stomach ulcers, etc. were not placed inside the body by an operation—so, why should they need to be removed by an operation?

If medical doctors said that some health issue was incurable, my intuition would immediately say, “That’s a lie! If, with no help from any medical ‘expert’, human beings can build an entire, healthy body from just two cells, then they can most certainly build a healthy body from many trillions of cells, and overcome any health problem”. 

Then I’d immediately search for proof to back up my intuition—and invariably, I find not just one, but a number of cures for the ‘incurable’ disease in question. So, for example, I learned of an AIDS cure which takes just 45 days, and is PATENTED by two U.S. MEDICAL DOCTORS—no less! Yet, the World is not told about it. 

There Will Always Be More Questions Than Answers

When I started my health quest, I had many questions. My research over these many years has revealed that when treated correctly, the body takes care of these questions (health issues) all on its own without any help from us. In fact, it works far better if we don’t interfere. 

Often, We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

How do we interfere in our body’s natural healing process?

  • We use drugs which block the production of essential substances needed to restore healthy balance.
  • We believe the body cannot overcome a problem, and allow this belief to override our body’s healing instructions.

Many people have been scared to death by doctors—it’s not a capital offence to scare someone to death. Once you have a serious illness, they say it can’t be treated—they scare the patients to death”.

“Maybe in saying this, some of my Western medical doctor colleagues will be unhappy. I was a graduate of Western medicine too. But it is the truth, even if they are unhappy to hear it”. (Doctor Pang Ming, founder of Zhineng Qigong).

 But Some Answers are Blatantly Obvious

I also had many questions about the ‘health’ industry:

  • If you were the World’s only licensed, battery supplier, would you invent an everlasting battery? So, why would a ‘health’ system making billions from bad health, ever promote good health?
  • How can the ‘health’ industry spend billions on cancer research and not find even one cure, when 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates spoke about being able to cure cancer?

I had many more such questions, which made it patently obvious that the ‘health’ industry existed for profit, not health.

Insatiable Curiosity

My curiosity has never been limited to physical health—I want answers to everything—even to questions which seem unanswerable:

  • What kind of being am I?
  • Where do I come from?
  • Where am I—what exactly is this reality?
  • Why am I here?
  • Where am I going from here?
  • Why do things work the way they do?
  • What control do I have over the things that happen in my life?

We Are One

I’ve never separated the body from the mind and emotions as if they were somehow three separate, unconnected parts of us. They are us, and therefore have a direct and profound impact on our health. We cannot have good, physical health while having bad mental and emotional health. So, a physical health system which does not include mental and emotional health cannot succeed.

I wanted to understand why some people were capable of doing things the average person could not. I was convinced that if someone could achieve something beyond ‘normal’, human abilities, then I could too.

How do You ‘Know’?

Some of the answers to my many questions came from research and analysis, but many more came from another source altogether—an entirely unexpected source.

Since my youth, I recall times where I knew something without having learned it. That probably sounds a little odd, so let me explain. At times, I spontaneously have a powerful conviction about something, even though I have no evidence to support this conviction. Such convictions are so absolute that I term them ‘knowing’ because I absolutely ‘know’ they are correct.   

I Simply ‘know’

From a young age, without knowing why, I instinctively avoided medical doctors. Then one day, a friend was talking about the importance of regular medical checkups, and asked when last I’d been. “Never—I avoid them completely”, I replied. Surprised, he asked, “Why do you avoid doctors—they make you better.” Without thinking, I heard myself reply, “Doctors make you sick, not better.” These words surprised me because I’d never actively thought them, let alone spoken them aloud before. When my friend asked me to explain—I could offer no logical explanation—I simply ‘knew’.

My Rational Mind is as Skeptical as Your Rational Mind

You might think that after experiencing this ‘knowing’ many thousands of times over an entire lifetime, I’d simply accept it without question. Well, I do—and I don’t. I accept this ‘knowing’ as the truth, because I absolutely ‘know’ that it is—I can’t explain it any better than that.

However, this ‘knowing’ does not come from my rational mind, and therefore does not satisfy my rational mind, which wants to be able to explain it to someone else. So, my logical mind drives me to find proof of what I ‘know’.   

So, after hearing this statement for the first time my rational mind demanded proof of this claim. I immediately started a thorough research of Western medicine and medical science. What I discovered was shocking and frightening. Finally, I understood why I’d been ‘told’ to avoid medical doctors. With the advent of the Internet many years later, it became quick and easy for anyone to conduct such research. All the damning evidence is available to anyone motivated enough to access it.

I’m Not Alone

Many years later, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that I was not alone in experiencing intuitive revelations.

“I believe in intuition and inspiration”.

“At times I feel certain I am right, while not knowing the reason”.

“Call it intuition or what you will—the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why”. (Albert Einstein)

That brought a smile to my face—I’d been in good company all along.

Intuitive Natural Health – 2 of My Many Cases

In my book, You Are Free, I mention many of the tens of thousands of intuitive revelations I’ve experienced over the years. Here I have included shortened accounts of two of those.

A Friend in Need

Shortly after starting a new job, I became good friends with one of my colleagues. She told me that she had been very sick for a number of years, but her doctor had been unable to discover what was wrong. I immediately told her what her problem was, naively expecting her to be grateful. Instead, she was irritated, and said that I did not know what I was talking about. I insisted—so, she mentioned this to her doctor during her next appointment.

Her doctor told her that the problem I had mentioned did not even exist, but he’d refer her to a specialist who would soon find out what was wrong. The specialist diagnosed a problem, and prescribed drugs. A few weeks later, her health was worse—so, she returned to her doctor who referred her to a second specialist.

This specialist diagnosed a different problem to that of the first specialist, and prescribed different drugs. A few weeks later, her health was worse—so, her doctor referred her to a third specialist.

This continued, until she had seen no less than seven specialists, received seven different diagnoses and seven different courses of drugs—all of which made her health steadily worse.

Finally, out of sheer desperation, she decided to follow my advice. Within days she started experiencing positive results, and month by month her health improved until she could call it ‘normal’.

Like MotherLike Daughter

One Friday afternoon, some time later, this same colleague told me that she was extremely concerned about her mother, who, having been an very positive person all her life, was now talking about committing suicide.

I told her that the medication her mother was on was causing insomnia. I said that if her mother stopped the medication, she’d be back to normal within three days. She said, “You don’t know what you are talking about. If you knew my mother, you’d know that she never touches medication of any kind”.

I assured her that her mother was on that specific medication, and I described to her what the tables, her mother was taking, looked like. She said she’d be seeing her mother that weekend, and on Monday I’d have to apologize for thinking I knew everything.

When I saw her the Monday morning, she gave me a very puzzled look, “How on earth did you know that my mother was on that medication?” Her mother stopped the medication, and within days was back to her old self.          

There Is No One to Change But Myself

Because I took full responsibility for my and my family’s health many years ago, we’ve avoided the all too common, toxic drugs and medical procedures. The huge amount of money I have saved has been an added bonus.

Only you can take responsibility for your health. Will you continue wasting a fortune while your health steadily declines—or will you start a sane, natural approach NOW?

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