Health Essentials

You Are Free

An absolutely indispensable part of any physical, mental and psychological health program. It will change the way you think—once you are free, you will look back in disbelief at how you allowed yourself to be misled, manipulated and robbed, of not only your money, but your health as well.

The Violet Ray

One of the most important health tools you will ever possess. An investment in your health which should last a lifetime, and in the process, save you many thousands of dollars in medical and pharmaceutical expenses.

Violet Ray Mushroom Electrode

General purpose violet ray electrode for an almost unlimited number of applications—no violet ray set up is complete without it. If I had to choose only one violet ray electrode, it would be this one.

Violet Ray Metal Electrode

Another extremely important violet ray electrode, this one metal, giving a much more powerful current flow than the glass electrodes, but more importantly, it can be handled in certain situations where one would have to be careful not to break a glass electrode.

Garden Sprayer

Now, who would have ever thought that a humble, affordable garden sprayer could become such an extremely valuable health tool?

Castor Oil

Used to be a part of every household’s natural medicine—indispensable for a huge variety of health problems—Edgar Cayce recommended it for many health problems, including skin cancer. Over the years, I’ve used it for many, many health issues. An oil like no other.

Hot Water Bottle

The simple hot water bottle can be a very valuable, very essential part of your Natural Health Rejuvenation arsenal.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another natural wonder product that like all natural products, can have a whole list of health benefits—from being a natural diuretic to improving skin condition and hair growth, cleaning the digestive system, improving bowel function, and much much more.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Simple, extremely cheap, extremely valuable, completely indispensible part of anyone’s health arsenal.

Exercise Handles

Very handy, comfortable exercise handles—especially for colder days because they grips are synthetic rubber, not steel—comes with convenient snap connectors (carabineers) to attach to chain, paracord, etc.

Exercise Handles (Steel)

Very handy for exercising. Very robust, so should last a lifetime—but always check before ordering—at present this is available for shipping to U. S. A only.


Very strong cord for your Natural Health Rejuveantion Body Shaper exercise set up.


Wonderful invention. Very handy snap connectors for chains, cords, springs, or whatever you choose to employ in your Natural Health Rejuvenation exercise routine


If you need extra weight for any of the exercises in your routine. In my opinion, weight is just weight, so I’ll simply opt for the lowest cost per pound—but, your needs and tastes could be different to mine—so, whatever works for you.

Colloidal Metal Generator

If you are interested in making your own, unlimited quantities of colloidal silver, copper, zinc, etc., and don’t want to, or are not able to make your own colloidal generator.

Zinc Wire

Ideal and very convenient for making your own colloidal zinc.

Silver Wire

Ideal and very convenient for making your own colloidal silver.

Distilled Water

Ideal and very convenient for making your own colloidal silver, copper or zinc.

Coconut Oil

Another oil that every health conscious person should consume everyday. Studies show that it fights viruses, bacteria and fungi, increases metabolism, energy and endurance, aids digestion, and has many, many more health benefits.

L-Lysine Powder

Another very potent weapon for your Natural Health arsenal, in a uniquely different role.

BHT Crystals

A little known, but potent weapon against ill health if used correctly.


A truly incredible chemical, with healing properties like no other. To try and describe its uses and healing history would take a few books. Suffice it to say, it is something no home should be without.

Bridge Rectifier

For those who would rather make their own colloidal metal generator, or have someone qualified to make it for them.

Electrical Strip Connector

For those who would rather make their own colloidal metal generator, or have someone qualified to make it for them.

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