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Hair Regrowth Treatment – An Update

My hair regrowth treatment manual on reasons for baldness, hair loss, gray hair and hair health is complete. Well, to be more accurate, almost complete. As it stands, this is by very far the most comprehensive hair health and hair regrowth treatment manual I have ever seen in my long years of research into this subject.

Therefore, in that sense I can say that it is complete. However, simply being the best available manual for hair regrowth treatment is not good enough. I want it to be the final manual for hair regrowth treatment that is ever needed. 

OK, I’m sure that my introductory paragraph is confusing. So, please allow me to explain, and then perhaps you will understand what it is that I am trying to convey.

Quantity Can Never Be a Substitute for Quality

Firstly, let me make something clear: When I say, “comprehensive,” I mean comprehensive in the true sense of the word. That is, “dealing with all, or nearly all the aspects.” I do not mean, “A large number of substances that could potentially have a positive effect on hair growth.” Such as I have seen with some hair regrowth  treatment offers with titles like, “133 Things that promote hair growth!”

When I see titles like these, I immediately think, “If one of these substances is an effective hair regrowth treatment, why would you need the other 132?” “Assuming two or three of these substances form the best hair regrowth treatment, why offer 133?” Protocols such as these, are not comprehensive protocols—they are simply collections of each potential, hair regrowth treatment.

Now, I am not trying to imply that such a collection might not include some valuable information. However:

  • To properly evaluate the beneficial effects of 133 substances would take about seven lifetimes,
  • Even if effective, these substances do absolutely nothing to address the root causes of hair loss. Which is why in;
    • Most cases they do not work at all,
    • The few cases they do produce results, these results are very disappointing,
    • All cases, the hair loss continues as soon as the expensive protocol is discontinued.

Such methods are as cosmetic as painting over rust, and then convincing yourself the rust is gone because you can no longer see it.

Hair is Very Much More Than Just Hair

When it comes to baldness, hair loss, hair regrowth and gray hair—hair is very much more than just hair. In fact, a comprehensive hair regrowth treatment is one which looks at all the causes of hair loss, gray hair, poor hair condition, etc.

We are highly complex beings with complex biological systems. And our hair is the final product at the very end of an extremely complex system of biological functions. Therefore, it is patently obvious that this product (hair) at the end of this biological production line will be a product of all these biological processes, and therefore, be affected by each and every one of these biological processes.

It is also logical that problems with these biological processes will be reflected in the final product, our hair. In simple terms, these are the root causes of poor hair condition, gray hair, hair loss, etc. A comprehensive hair regrowth treatment is one that addresses all these factors.

Therefore, a comprehensive hair regrowth treatment will not only cause lost hair to re-grow, but will also ensure that the reasons for the original hair loss are removed.

Can You Expect to Regrow 100% of Your Hair?

I have always been convinced that all lost hair can be re-grown—including the frontal hairline. I have also been convinced that this could be done without using any harmful drugs.

Many years of research seemed to bear this out—but only up to a point. Using the protocols in my hair regrowth treatment manual, many, if not most people, seemed to be able to be able to re-grow 85%—90% of lost hair.

The 10%—15% which stubbornly refused to re-grow, has almost always been the frontal hairline. This area is usually the first to lose hair, and the last to re-grow hair. Or, as I have seen, the place to resist hair re-growth.

Back to the Drawing Board Again!

This lack of success with the frontal hairline forced me to return to the drawing board and do more research on this, the final frontier of this problem—but without success.

Then, some years ago, I read an Edgar Cayce “reading” for a man troubled with baldness. Herein, Edgar Cayce said that this man would, with the correct application, re-grow most of his lost hair.

However, Cayce added, he would not regain his hair in the areas of the scalp where the follicles were already dead. Here, finally was the answer to my question about why this frontal area refused to re-grow hair—the follicles were dead.

I was devastated to read this. After all, if the follicles are dead, they cannot produce hair no matter what one does. But, in the midst of my disappointment, my intuition told me that there was a way to overcome this obstacle. My intuition did not immediately reveal the method—it simply told me that it could be done.

Hair Regrowth Treatment – Final Key

Some years later, while researching something (seemingly) entirely unrelated, my intuition again told me that this research held the key to re-growing hair on this stubborn area of the scalp. I was extremely excited and convinced that I had finally discovered the key to 100% hair regrowth treatment. The final piece of the hair regrowth puzzle.

But of course, conviction—no matter how powerful—is not knowledge. To turn my conviction into knowledge, I’d have to apply my intuitively designed hair regrowth treatment and prove that it did in fact work in the real world.

So, regarding the subject of a comprehensive hair regrowth treatment, that is where my research is at present. My hair regrowth treatment manual is more complete than any other hair regrowth treatment manual I have ever seen. So, if my manual is used exactly as instructed, should re-grow 85%—90% of your lost hair.

But I want my hair regrowth treatment manual to be even more comprehensive by adding the results of my current research.

My goal is to be able to allow you to re-grow 100% of your lost hair.

“OK—Just Tell Me When!”

For a number of reasons, it is very difficult to say how long this  final bit of research will take before I am 100% convinced and prepared to put my name to it:

  • Doing such research is very expensive. So, I often have to delay certain trials until I have the funds to purchase the equipment needed,
  • Results can not be forced or rushed. The human body has its own time, pace and natural cycles,
  • For a lone researcher—like myself—there are many other pressing things to take care of every day. So, often, research, no matter how exciting, has to be postponed in order to take care of more immediate needs,
  • Also, for a lone researcher, testing protocols for baldness, hair loss, hair regrowth and hair health is extremely time consuming. This is because one cannot simply try three or four protocols at the same time, because then one would have no idea which one, or ones caused the improvement. This means that each protocol has to be tested separately. And unlike the many false claims of seeing new hair in a few days, it takes many months to properly evaluate each protocol. Which is why I stated above that properly evaluating 133 protocols would take 7 lifetimes. There is no shortcut—which is what makes this so extremely time consuming. 

“What Kind of Time Frame Are We Talking About?”

I am hoping that within the next two to three months, this page will contain full details of my finalized baldness, hair loss, hair regrowth treatment manual. So, please check back occasionally. I intend to post updates on my research progress  as these become available. And hopefully, also an expected publishing date.

If you have subscribed, I have your email address, and will most certainly let you know when this hair regrowth treatment manual will be available. To make sure you don’t miss this, if you have not subscribed, do so now by clicking here  


Until then—with fond regards


John Richard